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That may just what will happen if certain US senators have their way.This is a bill (S. 1766)  proposed by Democratic Senators Tom Daschle from South Dakota and Jeff Bingaman  from New Mexico in December 2001, under the heading of the Engery Policy Act of 2002.  This bill include section 803 that would federally fund the scrappage programs for vehicles over 15 years old.   Under this program owners can turn in their vehicles for destruction (crushing) and would recived a "minimal payment and a future credit towards purchasing a newer automobile. In this misguide attempt to improve the overall fuel economy of the countries vehicle fleet. This represents the most formidable Federal legislative threat to automotive hobbyist  in years.  NOW IS THE TIME TO GET INVOLVED.
Burried in this 388 page bill is section 803.   You can find the entire bill at this link: This is Senator Biganamans web site.   You will need an Abode reader or Wordprefect to read it.  

Section 803 "National Motor Vehicle Effecienty Improvement Progarm of S. Bill 1766 will :
give states that don't currently operate scrappage programs an extra incentive to create and run programs due to generous funding.
require that federally funded state scrapping programs crush every car, this will leave the hobbyist nationwide with a drastic shortage of parts.
dose not require states to determine the fuel efficiency of vehicles being scrapped or that scrapped vehicles are being replaced with more fuel efficient vehicles.
ignores the fact that vehicles being turned in barely run, (the bill states they should be in operateable condtion, which means it has to run and drive) and have little to no effect on the overall fuel economy.   
makes no provision for low income drivers who rely on affordable transportation to get to and from work. This also limits replacement parts. And it does not guarantee that low-income individuals will be able to afford or purchase a new (the actual wording is new car not a newer car) more fuel-efficient vehicle-with the money provide by the scrappage program.
it also ignores more socially responsible and cost-effective policy options like voluntary vehicle repair  and upgrade programs that maximize the fuel efficiency of existing vehicles.
also limits a would be buyers choice to a fuel-efficent automobile.  No credits on SUV or Sport type cars.

Now you may be thinking  that nobody in their right mind is going to crush a classic like a Hemi Charger.  Rightly so, but any one who has the MOPAR PARTS Interchange knows that common everyday Coronet parts will fit.  And a 1968 Four-door Coronet with 383 is just the type of vehicle that would go to the crusher.  And then what are you going to do when your Charger needs parts?  No cars No parts. Now is time to oppose the U.S. Taxpayers Dollars for Scrappage , if not then your money will pay to crush that car.  If you don't want to just stand by and let this happen we urge you to contact your U.S. Senator.  To Find out who they are consult your local library or click on this link: or call the SEMA Washington D.C. office at 202-783-6007. For assitance in turning your complaint into a letter to your Senator ( that way it will be taken seriously) consult the SEMA document "How to Lobby Elected Officals which is available at this We will keep you advised of this and other legislative threats, but just don't ssit there. Write and do it today. The SEMA request that you fax or mail a copy of your letters to them at
SEMA Washington Office
1317 F. St. NW. Ste 500
Washington D.C. 20004
Attn: Steve McDonald/Brian Caudill
Fax No. 202-783-6024