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 Did you ever wonder that there is someone or something somewhere that is playing poker and the bet is just how screwed up your life can get?  And each raise of the pot is just another bad day.  If that is true then there was another raise around here.  It happened when I went to retrive the photos from our developer.   You know that no good can ever come from a sentence that starts of "Oh I am so sorry...  That's right, our wonderful photos of the Dogwood Car Show, and our feature car among others were for the most part gone.  Reduce to a dark dreary existence in an universe known as Over Exposure.  With the help of our Adobe Photo Deluxe we were able to save a few photos.  However, please excuse us, as the colors are washed out and not quite right.  We apologize to all the owners that were hoping to see their cars in this magazine.  But as the bumper sticker reads "stuff happens"...or something like that.  

Life is a poker game. And some is raising the stakes

    To make matters worse the data we collected on our feature car, also got misplaced.  Another raise in the pot!  This caused us to have to place another article in it's place...we'll place the feature car article on hold till next month."   The confusing fiasco we call life had me ponderering all the intended possiblites of the mysteries of life.  Unanswered questions that have been plauging mankind since the begining of time.  

Is Floyd the barber a cold blooded killer?
 One question I want answered is in the Andy Griffith TV show, Floyd the Barber in the first episodes has a wife and a son, who by the way seems to lack the skills to play baseball, while in the later shows he is unmarried and trying to find a woman.  Humm... Did Floyd's wife leave and take their son, and the towns folk in the goodness of their hearts don't mention it to keep Floyd  from heart break?  Or is Floyd really a cold blooded killer who murdered his wife and kid and runs the town with a iron fist that would make even JR Ewing shake in his boots.  And we're not even going to tackle the case that Aunt Pearl is really Jed's cousin who is Jethro's mom but Jethro calls Jed ":Uncle".  Some things even TV Land won't tackle.

      We always keep our ears open listening for trends in the automotive world.   That way we can report back to you in our Future Classic section of this magazine.  But there is a trend that has me asking WHY?  That trend is the growing seventies movement, and one of the cars that is being restored is the Ford Pinto.   The Pinto?  A word that should only be used on conjunction with the words beans and corn bread.  We invite you to surf the web and look for Pinto clubs.  Believe it or not, they are out there, looming, hiding, ready to pounce.  Oh my gosh! The world is coming to an end.  "And these will be signs my children when the days grow short.   And then a man with hair that's stands on end wearing bell bottom jeans and a tie-died shirt will accept the award for best of show and he will be driving a two-toned Ford Pinto. With Orange Plaid interior."  I don't know about you but it too scary here I think I am going to go crawl under the bed.....see you next month....unless a Pinto wins....Ahhhh!   ED

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