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John Ward's flaming 1929 sedan "Cherry Flambe" was a big crowd pleaser
And took top honors in the Street Rod 1900-1936 division.

      Overcast skies and the threat of rain did not deter  the 17th annual Dogwood Car and Truck show in Cassville, MO.   A total of 78 cars and trucks and four motorcycles show up in the spite of rain on April 20,2002 at  Roaring River State Park.  While rain may have caused some to stay home ( two-hundred were expected) the spirits were not dampened as the car owners and the spectators were greeted with grooving sounds from the 1950's and 1960's provided by DJ Mike Sharp of the Right Sound. Judging was done by the Mid-America Auto Club.

    Games and contests were held all day long, including a Hot Wheels race, for those under 16 years of age.  Stephen Gerleve won the event and was presented an award at the end of the day.  As rain slacked, a quick walk through cars proved there were true favorites with the crowd.  John Ward's candy apple red  flaming hot rod made many stop in their tracks and take a photo or two.  Another crowd drawer was Stanley Pitchford's  1957 Chevy, which is one of the slickest 1957 Chevy's we have seen.   

    Fred Harshbarger's Hillbilly Kadallic, which is really a custom 1954 International R-100 pickup that has 4200 hours involved in its preparation, and shows.  Unfortunately our photos  of this truck were destroyed (see editorial) and we can't show you this award winning truck.  But not all cars were gleaming examples Richard Auerheimer's hand-made Averauto Run About, which was positioned next to his 1922 Model T,  had more then one person stopping and scratching their head trying to "remember that car."  Richard would just smile and say with a laugh. "I just made it myself."                                  
                                                                                       A sea of Corvette's is always a intresting sight.  
                                                                                      This group is from the Northwest Arkansas Corvette Club.

Richard Auernheimer's hand made  Averauto created interest. The one of a kind auto features a Briggs and Straton drive axle, Motorcycle wheels and golf cart steering.  It was also one few automobiles  that you could actually touch. In this photo ,Mrs. Auverheimer explains the cars construction.

The hit of the show was Stanley Pitchford clean time machine. A numbers matching 1957 Chevrolet.

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Antique Cars
1st- Alan Frericks
2nd- Richard Auernheimer
Classic Cars
1st- Stanley Pitchford
2nd- Dale Kester
Stock Cars
1st-Jim Dobbs
2nd Robert Baker
Stock Cars
1st- Pete Hernandez
2nd- Cherry Warren
Modifed Trucks
1st- Fred Harshbarger
2nd-Chris Ruscha
Modifed Trucks
1st- Robert Seekamp
2nd-Richard Chambers
1st Jess Harvey
2nd- Debbie Rice
Street Machine
1st-Terry Meek
2nd- Tom Woods
Street Machine
1st Dustin Griffith
2nd Chuck Whitcomb
Street Rod
1st John Ward
Street Rod
1st Cliff and Judy Reeves
2nd-Erroll Warshall
All Cars and Trucks
1st -Bonnie Stroiler
2nd-Erroll Warshall
Best Interior
Fred Hill
Largest Car Club
Route 66 Mopar Club
Chamber of Commerce Show Stopper
Stanley Pitchford
Mid-America Auto Club Award
Dale Kester
Hot Wheels Race
Stephen Gerleve

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