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   June has so many different meanings.  It is the official begin of summer, school is out all over, and free spirits flock toward the water, lake, river, stream, city pool, or just an open fire hydrant.  The sun grows longer with the days and brings with it  the anticipation of home grown tender red tomatoes and other goodies all serve upon a picnic table as yet another burger or if you're the lucky sort a T-bone steak is flipped over and your ears fill with the sizzle of the meat searing on the grill.   But June also brings with it Fathers Day, [by the way that is June 16th],  which got me to thinking: cars, fathers and sons go together like the holy trio. You can't have one without the other, and they are each other.  I am as much  like my father as he was  like me, we both have the same blood, the same family.  But like the holy trio, we each have our own existence.

Tricyles are for sissies! Real car lovers had a  pedal car.    
I am taken back to my childhood days, of lying in the crib chewing on the wheel of  a 1959 Impala, [toy car that is.]
blending  the two evils of the automotive world- the SUV and the mini-van.
    I remember in September, when the new cars would come in, Dad an I would go Blalock Chevrolet and take a look at the new models. What a great father and son outing, while Dad talked to the salesmen, I could get my hands on a 427 Corvette or an SS 396. But that is ancient history, back in times when men were men, and cars were cars.  Today, the lines are muddled and cars have become nothing more than an ugly assemblage of computer generated designs.  One word for you, Aztec, the designer of this model should be given 80 whacks with a limp strand of spaghetti.  Shame on you!  And then there is the latest creation of hard-featured examples of automotive design. The blending of  the two evils of the automotive world- the SUV and the mini-van. No one should be forced to leave behind tape stripes and hood scoops.  They announced themselves with the rumble of a throaty exhaust, and the squeal of tires as they  left.

    I lost my father when I was young, but even so, he did instill in me real values, of the difference between a father and a dad.  Just as, "any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad."  My Dad saw my love for cars and did not step on any dream I had, he encouraged it and told me "you can do it," and believed in me.  That is what a Dad is.  

    As I got married, I got a Dad again.  Luckily, my father-in-law has the same passion for automobiles I do.  And many of our conversations center around cars that we owned, some one else owned, or wished we owned.  That is the trio again. Fathers, sons, and cars.  So this summer, take time to be a Dad, and if you have one, be with your dad.   So Happy Dad's Day.  And this Father's Day, I know where I will be -talking cars, with my Dad.   ED

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